• Sports and Games
  • Yoga & Gymnastics 
  • Bratachary Practice
  • National Service Scheme
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Youth Parliament
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cycle Expedition
  • Educational Tour
  • Quiz Competition
  • Cultural Programme
  • Saraswati Puja
  • Teachers Day Programme
  • Career Counseling Programme

The three NSS unit of the college approved by the Bankura University. College students both male and female may join the scheme as one of the co-curricular programmes under the guidelines of a programme officer. The programme having been in operation for the last sixteen years and also having expanded both quantitatively and qualititavely. Every year first aid training camp, blood donation camp, Bratachari camp organized by NSS in college campus. Tree plantation, cleanness, health awareness etc. programme organized by NSS in adopted villages as well as college campus.

In the year 2017, NSS organized “safe drive save life” programme in college campus. Special camp was also organized in march, 2017. Tree plantation programme organized on 31/08/2017. NSS day observe on 24/09/2017.

A blood donation camp was organized and observe Frank Worrell Day on 03/02/2018 by NSS with the active participation of Physical Education department. Members of students union was also actively involve and support the whole programme. Celebration of International Mother Language Day and a cultural programme associated with the language day was organized by NSS on 21/02/2018. An extensive campus cleaning programme was organized on 14/03/2018 and taken initiatives to maintain cleanliness and hygiene by all NSS volunteers under the able guidance of Programme officer and members of Advisory committee. Bratachari Training camp was organized jointly by the NSS and physical education department from 24/03/2018 to 29/03/2018.  NSS units of CRP Mahavidyalaya arranged general awareness programme on “Vector control measures in the premises of  educational institutions” by distributing leaflets, campus cleanliness, sensitized NSS volunteers, circulated posters etc. on 18/05/2018. 

Celebration of International Mother Language Day and a blood donation camp was organized on the occasion of language day by the NSS on 21/02/2019. Observe of World Immunization Week from 24 to 30 April, 2019 and a seminar was also organized on importance of immunization on 26/04/2019. Doctors and health workers delivered lectures on immunization. On 21/06/2019 celebration of International Day of Yoga organized by NSS. Tree plantation programme and a seminar on water conservation organized by NSS on 21/08/2019. Bratachari Training camp was organized jointly by the NSS and physical education department from 15/11/2019 to 20/11/2019.  Sensitization Campaign on “Health hazards & ill effect of Tobacco”  among the college students was organised on 19/11/2019 by the NSS units of our college with collaboration of department of health, Govt. of WB. In this programme more than 300 students participated and benefited. Dr. Sourav Lo and Dr. Siddhartha Roy, CMOH, Bishnupur,  Govt. of WB  delivered lectures with powerpoint presentation.